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CAD Interviews Pranav Goyal, JEE Advanced 2018 All India Rank (AIR) 1

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    Jun 10th, 2018


JEE ADVANCED-2018: AIR 1st Rank

JEE MAINS-2018: AIR 4th Rank

Pranav Goyal Cleared NTSE, KVPY, INMO (Indian National Mathematics Olympiad), INPhO (Indian National Physics Olympiad), INChO (Indian National Chemistry Olympiad), INAO(Indian National Astronomy Olympiad), AIR-4 in JEE Mains 2018 Did +2 from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula, Haryana with 97.2% marks in CBSE Class XII Exams

Q.1: What needs to be done to improve performance of school students in International competition Olympiads etc.

Ans. Improvement on the following points may help:

  1. I believe that awareness among school students should improve. These exams should spread to more schools as much as possible. Schools should be asked to enroll for such Olympiads.
  2. Practical aspects of Science should be introduced to students before class Xth and students should be urged to participate.
  3. Practical nature of experiments should depend on good thinking testing should involve new experiments so that cramming is de-motivated.
  4. Books for Olympiads are not easily accessible and very costly. They ought to be made cheaper or accessible to students via libraries.
  5. Interest to participate in pure Science should be cultivated among students via their teachers.

Q.2: Today there is extreme pressure upon school students as apart from school students. They also have to attend tuition coaching classes etc. Creativity, original thinking and passion towards Science are casualty in this environment. What are your thoughts on this situation?

Ans. Well, I completely agree with the fact that tuition and coaching classes often add to the burden of school students thus leaving them with no time as well as energy so as to be able to indulge in creativity. In my opinion, this issue can only be resolved by promoting and funding professions in pure Science. Only then can students try to seek carriers in these fields. Also, students with caliber to perform in such competition should be identified and supported via various kinds of scholarships.

Q.3: What is your advice to the students seeking to make a career in the field of science education and research.

Ans. The field of science education and research involves a lot of exploration and creativity. It requires an original thinking rather than cramming.

  • I would urge students to use libraries as much as possible. They prove to be an amazing source of knowledge at a very low cost.
  • Taking more exposure by exploring new setups and different ideas will help improve your understanding of your chosen field.
  • Improve upon your practical aspects. They will help you much more as compared to theoretical fields.

Q.4: What are your tips for students preparing for examination like NTSE, KVPY, Olympiad, JEE Main,NEET.

Ans. Plan out your preparation. It will not only help improve on your output but will also help you decide on which topics to focus on.

  • Stay Focused: Your study hours won't matter if you are not focused. On other hand, your study hours won't matter, if you are focused.
  • Most of these exams require students to take special guidance from teachers. Do so. It will help you prepare light and hence improve your preparation.
  • Do try out at least five previous year question preparation. They will help you decide on the topics you need to improve on.
  • Several forums such as AOPS and Brilliant app will help you obtain timely updates and information regarding most exams. They are also a good source for ideas and good questions.
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    Congrats Pranav

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    Congrats pranav .....


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